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Project Information (100 Continuations)


As stated on the 100 Continuations sub-page, this is an extension to the 100 Relations project. It's intention is to do two things:

1 - To further explore what a crowdsourced art project can do. This project particularly investigates how a digital crowdsourced art project can manifest and develop. Furthermore, because of the COVID pandemic, all of my University lectures, materials, meetings etc. have been moved online so this project mirrors how everything has moved onto a digital platform. 

2 - To provide a visual art exhibiton, where the audience can escape the reality of COVID along with all the travesties the pandemic is causing (deaths, financial difficulties, mental health deterioration, social problems such as loneliness) and forget about it all. Just to be mesmerised and transversed into a kaleidoscopic reverie. 

Artistic Influences

Below are the most inspirational and relevant sources that have been essential into the creation of this body of work: 

Mattia Spagnuolo: Visions in the Nunnery - #iorestoacasa

As part of a video art exhibition that Bowarts curates every year, Mattia Soagnuolo created the video entitled #iorestoacasa.

The exhibition is called Visions in The Nunnery and is available to watch on YouTube.

This was what firstly inspired me to create my own YouTube channel and post all the timelapses I made for each painting as well as giving me the idea to use YouTube as the exhibitioning platform for this project.

Mattia Spagnuolo is an artist who experiments with a style that fuses art, technology and mathmatics. Whilst I was looking through the entries for the 2020 VITN exhibition, I found Spagnuolo’s video which is a visual particle film, that uses data from Italy during the COVID pandemic lockdown. 

Michael New (YouTube)

After looking at Toby Fox, I decided I really wanted to make my own music to accompany each animation. The problem was that I had no idea how to create music.

So I decided to try and teach myself the basics of playing a piano/keyboard and this turned out to be relavtively easy, all thanks to the YouTube channel Michael New. 

I found this channel when looking for tutorials on how to play a melody and the creator of this channel teaches everything you need to know when it comes to playing the piano. Not only that, but he explains everything so clearly and concisely that I was able to pick everything up and understand all the musical theory after each video he made. 

I would highly recommend watching his channel if you are interested in musical theory or just learning how to play the piano. 

Toby Fox

Toby Fox is a video game developer and composer, predominantly known for his hit game Undertale. 

Aside from having some assistance with characters and sprites, Fox essentially created the entire game by himself: including the plot, the coding, the dialogue and also a soundtrack composed of 101 songs. 

From playing the game myself and listening to the phenomenal soundtrack he created, I was inspired to create my own music to accompany each of the 100 animations. 


Whilst researching different areas of digital art, I came across fractals which reminded me of a video I had seen on Facebook a few months prior. 

The video I saw was the first ZoomQuilt, an infinitely zooming series of images that play with the viewer's eyes. I really wanted to create an illusion effect similar in this work but couldn't copy exactly what is seen here. Instead, this work inspired me to go down the animation route, and eventually I came up with the idea to create my own mesmerising animations. 

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