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Artist Influence

There was a range of artists I looked at for inspiration for each 10cm x 10cm painting which is discussed on the pages for each submission.


Marianne Holm Hansen's 2007 project '100 THINGS NOT WORTH REPEATING' was a big spark of influence for me as it completely kick-started this project. It was Hansen's project that gave me the idea to create an online anonymous survey and I couldn't have done it without speaking to her. Her advice in an interview I conducted really helped me to understand how I could make my project successful. 

Learning to Love You More
 Another source of inspiration was Miranda July's and Harrell Fletcher's long-running art project 'Learning to Love You More', an online submission art web page which has had over 8000 entries since its start way back in 2002. This project motivated me to create this website in order to document my work and also had an impact on the layout of this website.
Leaning to Love You More (Book)
Miranda July, Harrell Fletcher
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