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The Idea (Origin and Development)

Originally, the purpose for this art project was to explore the relationship between humans and technology in order to determine whether humanity's ever-growing dependence and use of technology is doing the world more harm than good. If you use a form of public transport, a bus for example, or if you are waiting to be seen by a dentist or doctor, if you look around the space you're in, I guarantee that at least half of the people around you will be using their smartphone. Is technology turning the world into a lonely, anti-social place? Is there perhaps a link between this ideology and a significant increase in mental health issues?

At the same time, this project was also created to raise awareness for an amazing charity called Huddersfield Mission, who help people with issues such as mental health, poverty, homelessness, benefits and lots more. 

However, due to the consequences of COVID-19, the ability to work with the charity and members of its art group became impossible. 

Since then, the project has developed a more personal, community-like persona. The paintings that were created in response to people's thoughts and ideas, now resemble a collage of humanity's connections with not only the outside world, but with each other. By this, I mean it is interesting to see the similarities between people's responses; for example, several participants drew upon their admiration of their partners because of their love for each other and the bond they all share - 4. My Boyfriend, 53. My Wife, 75. My Boyfriend III. Equally, it is also fascinating to see the difference in peoples responses; for example, although there were 14 responses for Music, each person had their own reason for feeling connected to it. 

Ironically, COVID-19 has also highlighted the convenience of technology. In a time of social distancing and lack of physical communication, the usage of video calling and social media has allowed humanity to keep in contact with one another.
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