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100 Continuations

'100 Continuations' is an extension to the original '100 Relations' project.

Using the same initial 100 anonymous responses to the question 'What Makes You Feel Connected to the World?', this project has transformed those responses into 100 kaleidoscopic animations, each accompanied by original music. Also, in addition to those animations, the paintings that were created for '100 Relations' have been recreated digitally. 

The official online exhibition of '100 Continuations' can be found here:

The timelapses of the recreation of the 100 Relations paintings can be found here:

I'd like to once again thank you to everyone involved who helped make this project happen. From those 100 anonymous participants, to the people who provided musical loops that I was able to use alongside the kaleidoscopic animations. This would not have been possible without you.

Teaser Trailer for 100 Continuations

Music: Bon Iver - Over Soon - from the 22. A Million album

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